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Tengaran Organic Farming

Tengaran Organic Farming

Code Name Location Date Type Vols Fee
1 STV BHUMI 1903 Eco-Farming Education Project Tengaran, Semarang Regency, Central Java 16 Sept – 29 Sept 2019 FARM, EDU 15 IDR 2,970,000
2 LMTV BHUMI 03  Eco-Farming Education Project Tengaran, Semarang Regency, Central Java Jan – April OR June – Dec FARM, EDU 3 IDR 3,100,000

Background: To educate young people and locals to preserve their environment by putting economical aspect was the first idea of this project. The agricultural is the major export in Indonesia, but become the lowest contributor economic sector on Indonesian prosperity, especially for the farmers themselves. The youngster prefers to go to city to have metropolis life rather than stay in the village and doing farming. But, the change of lifestyle of youngster in the city become damage to city life environment pushes us to make a movement to drag our society back to preserve nature.

Project: This is agricultural project focused on people who stay in the city and existed farmer family in village to support them to make their own market. You will cooperate with local farmer community and local youth on activating eco-farming activity center in Semarang City & Semarang Regency area.

Tengaran is a village located in Semarang Regency about 1 – 2 hours from Semarang City. Tengaran is typical Javanese Indonesian village with home with huge living room and big yard. BhumiHorta has cooperation with them to set a pilot project of eco farming and farming education center for those who would to start their farming project in their community. This place focused on conventional farming in general and assisting existed farmer community who live in the village to support their management and marketing strategy to boost their family income.

Aims: To promote and socialize urban farming and conventional agriculture lifestyle to be part of metropolis society. And to give more chance to existed farmer or family who intended to be farmer to have more access to modern way of thinking to develop their quality of life.

Green House nearby Camp site

Work: You will learn and work at our in two eco-farming activity center with two condition: in village & the city. You will support our local partner to plant their plant and how to sell their product and make their own market (direct contact with their customer). You also have a chance to be part of our workshop/seminars/visits for local student, universities, local community, and local government to promote eco-friendly lifestyle through agriculture.

Organic Farm

Special Remarks: You will work mostly with local community the schedule will be changeable depend on their availability. This program requires some volunteers to have: Social work, Management, Administration and economic development education background will be desirable; High motivation to learn simple ‘Bahasa Indonesia’ to communicate with local people; & has experiences in organize training, and simple workshop.

General condition of the place: the majority of the communities are moslem. Most of them are living in poor condition.

Fish Fond inside farm

Free time:Ungaran regency was an important satellite city of Semarang Old Town back to Dutch colony era. You are bale to visit some historical sites and get to know more deep about the history of each places.

Location:BHUMI HORTA Eco-Farming activity center in Tengaran Village, Semarang Regency.

Accommodation: In both living condition (village & City) you will stay with moslem host family. You should be open minded to adapt the local culture.

Meeting Point: Ahmad Yani International Airport, Semarang City, Central Java

Fee:IDR 2,970,000/2 Weeks OR IDR 3,100,000/Month