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Kendal Green Leadership

Kendal Green Leadership

No Code Name Location Date Type Vols Fee
1 STV BHUMI-1901 Kendal Green Youth Leader Project Kendal, Central Java 26 June – 9 July 2019 FARM, EDU 15 IDR 2,970,000
2 LMTV BHUMI-01 Kendal Green Youth Leader Project Kendal, Central Java Jan – April OR June – Dec FARM, EDU 3 IDR 3,100,000
Say hi to Lentera Foundation troops!

Background:In the little town, about 2 hours from Semarang City, Yayasan Lentera (Lentera Foundation) made a chance to create young leadership focuses on International language ability and social sensitivity. Under their private vocational school of Lentera in Kendal and School of Nature in the uptown of Kendal Regency, they give a scholarship each year to local potential youth to be created as young agent of change in Kendal Regency. By engaging BHUMI HORTA as their working partner, we will put new competencies for young leader to be Green Youth Leader Project to be aware to their environment and promoting green life style by support local farmer.

Project:The project will focuses on supporting potential youth leader with some training, workshop and non-formal education as well as doing social service to people surrounding the project. The project sites will be take place in two places. The first place will take place in Kedal down town/city. This project aimed to create agriculture business center by creating urban farming activity center and youth language learning center. The second project will take place in the uptown of Kendal at School of Naure (In Bahasa: SekolahAlam). Its focus is to enrich them green leadership soft skill, farming and social service.

We manages classes in local houses

Works: You will work in five days with five hours per day. You will mainly work will our local partner Mr Mardi, & Mr. Arif in Kendal. At the first week we will have on arrival training & scheduling session with BHUMI HORTA in Semarang City. You will have middle evaluation and monthly evaluation or at least two evaluation meetings with BHUMI HORTA and Yayasan Lentera in a month. You main work will be at school after school hours with some possibility to do class assisting in the morning for about 1 – 2 hours. If you have some non-formal education tool kit we welcome you to share with our local partner and you peer volunteers.  You also have a chance to be part of our workshop/seminars/visits for local student, universities, local community, and local government to promote eco-friendly lifestyle through agriculture.


  • To promote “education for all” and cultural exchange for locals
  • To decrease un-employment number in this area
  • To create youth leader who has social and environmental sensitivity
  • To encourage local youth to learn International language
  • To create inventive workshop and training for potential local youth
We manages classes in local houses

Project Length: the length of the project should be at least 2 months with the maximum 12 months. More detailed information about your project will be confirmed by your info sheet at the latest 1 month before you arrival time in Indonesia

Special Remarks: You will work mostly with local community the schedule will be changeable depend on their availability. If you have some Social work, Management, Administration and non-formal education background and experiences will be desirable.You should have high motivation to learn simple ‘BahasaIndonesia’ to communicate with local people.

General condition of the place: the majority of the communities are moslem. Most of them are living in poor condition.

Free time:Kendal has some attractive and historical places. You may visit them during your free time or free day. You also able to manage by yourself to visit some cities surrounding Kendal or Java Island.

We plan to make sustainable community here

Location:Kendal Regency, Central Java Java Island, INDONESIA           

Accommodation: In both living condition (village & City) you will stay with moslem host family. You should be open minded to adapt the local culture.

Meeting Point: Ahmad Yani International Airport, Semarang City, Central Java

Fee: IDR 2,970,000/2 Weeks OR IDR 3,100,000/Month