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Karimunjawa Mangrove Conservation

Karimunjawa Mangrove Conservation

Code Name Location Date Type Vols Fee
1 STV BHUMU 1904 Mangrove Karimunjawa Project Karimunjawa Islands, Jepara, Central Java 8 November – 21 November 2019 FARM, ENVI 15 IDR 2,970,000
Mangrove Forest landscape

Background: Karimunjawa Island is one of the most famous tourist destination in Central Java. This place provides the joyful of tropical lives experiences for travelers. The visitor number grows getting more and more by years. In the other side, this area has lack of education and eco-friendly lifestyle. The environment problem becomes issue such as abrasion, and corrosion of the coral reef.

Project: The project will focus on green tourism promotion. We are going to organize some activities to promote along with local people. The idea of green tourism is to teach local people on how they organize their tourism activity without harm their nature.

Seashore area


  • To promote green tourism activity in this area
  • To plant mangrove trees
  • To clean seashore lines
  • To increase locals participations
  • To support garbage management

Work: We will work closely with local conservation office and local host family. There are physical & non-physical activity. Physical activity are mangrove planting, beach cleaning rally, and re-planting dead trees. The non-physical works are visiting schools and local community or local activity center.

Special Remarks:  Hot weather with raining sometimes, please bring your sunblock & rain coat. You will work mostly with local community the schedule will be changeable depend on their availability. This program requires some volunteers to have: Social work, Management, Administration and economic development education background will be desirable; High motivation to learn simple ‘Bahasa Indonesia’ to communicate with local people; & has experiences in organize training, and simple workshop.

at the traditional market

Free time: Apart from the activities you able to enjoy snorkeling, diving, and sun bathing along the seashore and visiting another island surrounding Main Island. Karimunjawa islands has approximately 20 islands.

Location:Karimunjawa Islands, Central Java Province

Accommodation: Host Family with shared toilet

Meeting Point: Ahmad Yani International Airport, Semarang City, Central JavaFee:IDR 2,970,000/2 Weeks