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Eco-Smart Xchange

Eco-Smart Xchange

Eco-Smart Xchange Program Coordinator
Annisa (Ms)

Our Activities

Eco-Smart Xchange is a program in collaborating with IVP of Indonesia Volunteer for Peace (Yayasan Kanal Perdamaian). This program is on the same page with the International Voluntary Service movement coordinated by SCI (Service Civil International) based in Belgium. SCI itself is a pioneer International Voluntary Service Organization established in 1920. With two sub-programs: incoming (Local & International Volunteers Hosting) & Outgoing (Sending Indonesian Volunteers Abroad). In term of the length of the service program, there are two: Short Term Volunteering/Workcamp (1 – 3 Weeks) and Long Middle Term Volunteering ( 2 – 12 Months). The program will be organized in several themes: farming, education, health, heritage, culture, construction, and environment. All Indonesians are able to join the program as a volunteer, volunteer coordinator OR Camp Leaders.

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Eco-Smart Xchange is a way of exploring the world in a wise way. This program is a suitable method for KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata), PKL (Praktek Kerja Lapangan, Study Tour/Learning Tour, Youth Exchange, dan etc. But you will gain so much benefit rather than touristic tour:

  • Eco-friendly Travel
  • Reachable Budget
  • Home Stay ATAU Host Fams
  • International Exposure
  • Cultural Experiences
  • Social Work
  • Peace & FUN!

IVP (of Kanal Perdamaian Foundation)

stands for International Volunteers for Peace, founded in 2011. A non-profit organization aimed to promote peace, cultural exchange, and mutual understanding by way of international voluntary service (IVS) and volunteers exchanges.

In Indonesia, ​IVP has arranged short and longterm voluntary projects to support local communities and environment, ie. workcamps, MTV/LTV, voluntary weekend.

SCI International and Asia-Pasific

IVP Indonesia is strongly aligned with Service Civil International (SCI) (, which has similar aims. SCI has 45 branches, mainly in Europe and Asia, and many partner-organizations. It is the oldest IVS-organization in the world, with a rich history of appealing peace-projects. Every year SCI sent around 3500 volunteers to workcamps around the world. SCI has consultative status with UNESCO and is member of several networks.

SCI in Asia-Pacific is represented by Asian Development Committee (ADC), which consists of representatives of Asia-Pacific branches, working on bilateral/multilateral Asian projects and exchange. IVP is quite involved in ADC.

IVS history, Piere Ceresole, and SCI involvement (upcoming 100 years)

SCI (and therefore the concept of international voluntary service in general) started with a project in Esnes, a village near Verdun, France, just after World War 1 (1920). One of the organizers and founder of SCI was Pierre Cérésole, a Swiss engineer. Main idea was ‘Deeds, not Words’: peace should be started with concrete actions, and after the war with re-building and reconstruction. The project lasted for several months. Most special was that German volunteers helped with the building, despite the negative attitude of French people towards Germany.

Soon more projects followed. Teams of volunteers were considered as a concrete and positive alternative for the army. The history of SCI is marked by the presence of many conscious objectors. SCI in Asia started in India in 1934, reliefwork after a severe earthquake.

Program Based on Size of The Group

>  Mutiple Group Independent Group (IG) Assisted Group (AG) Family (F) Individual (I)
Number of Vols More Than 15 Vols 5 – 15 Vols 5 -15 Participant Family Members 1 – 3 Participant
Group Leader Need Obligatory Obligatory Not obligatory Not obligatory Not obligatory
Staff Participation Required Not Required Required Required Not Required
Program Dates By Request By Request  By Request  By Request  Scheduled
Training Obligatory Obligatory Obligatory Obligatory Obligatory
Suggested for All Categories Universitas SMA/SMP/Sederajat Family Indivdual/Coupels
Discount Negotiable Negotiable Negotiable Negotiable Negotiable

Program Based on Length of Project

  < 1 Minggu VSTV (Very Short Term Volunteering) 1 – 3 MInggu STV (Short Term Volunteering) 2 – 3 Bulan MTV (Middle Term Volunteering) 3  – 12 Bulan LTV (Long Term Volunteering)
Indie Group (IG) Available Available Not  Available Not  Available
Assisted Group (AG) Available Available Not  Available Not  Available
Family (F) Available Available Not  Available Not  Available
Invidual (I) Available Available Available Available  

Who able to join this program?

  • 18 y.o Indonesian Citizen (For those under 18 y.o you need to get permit letter from you parents)
  • Open Minded
  • High motivated
  • Experienced in Voluntary Service will be an advantage
  • Able to communicate in English
  • Submit your passport copy
  • Fill your OPAF (Outgoing Program Application Form) and sent to

Pricing Zones

Coverage South East Asia (ASEAN Countries) East Asia (Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, China, etc.) Rest of Asia (South, Central, West) Europe, Russia, Africa, America, Australia
Management Fee)* IDR   900,000.00/person IDR   1,500,000.00/person IDR   1,200,000.00/Person IDR   1,800,000.00/Person
Visa Tentative Tentarive Tentarive Tentarive
Ticketing, Travel Insurance (Including Leader) Start from IDR 1,500,000/person Start from IDR 4,000,000/person Start from IDR 5,000,000/person Start from IDR 15,000,000/person
Pre-Departure Training =============== =============== =============== ===============
Trainer Fee Per Day IDR     75,000.00 IDR         75,000.00 IDR     75,000.00 IDR         75,000.00
Tools & Media)** IDR   100,000.00 IDR       100,000.00 IDR   100,000.00 IDR       100,000.00
Hosting Fee)*** Start from IDR 2,000,000 Start from IDR 3,000,000 Start from IDR 3,000,000 Some Places Offers free Hosting Fees

If you plan to volunteer as a group please kindly fill this form!

If you plan to join as an individual please register here!