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Category: Youth

Our Volunteer Group Goes to Vietnam

In cooperation with Indonesian Volunteer for Peace (IVP/Yayasan Kanal Perdamaian) we are promoting outgoing volunteering program called “Eco-Smart Xchange” with some local universities in Semarang. We aligned with existing field trip program such as PKL (Praktek Kerja Lapangan). We find around 7 – 15 of university students to be a group and send them abroad to have volunteering acitivities in several themes. They consist of 7 university student from Farming Faculty of Wahid Hasyim University, Semarang. They are going to join two week volunteering program or well known as a workcamp. They are hosted by STEP Forward Vietnam (Local Contact of SCI Interntional). Group picture with Vietnam team They [...]

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Involving Youth, Sustaining Programs

Many problems discovered in some organization that they do not have the possibility to continue the project nor the program. They might because lack of budget or funding and sometimes it comes to lack of human resource. They even need to manage human resource with no fresh idea since their personnel were getting old in term of ideas. Bhumi Horta has a commitment to be always involving young people in each programs we have and for every single activities in our projects. We believes that the biggest investment of the organization is youth involvements. On 2018 Bhumi Horta created Youth Green [...]

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Create Peace Through Volunteering

Many people are still asking how volunteering contribute to society and even can create peace. In collaboration with IVP Indonesia (Indonesia Volunteer for Peace) on Friday, 18 January 2018 in Kebun Pojok Space we organized a focus group discussion about volunteering. There are 25 participants joined the discussion. The discussion moderated by Wilbert Helsloot (coordinator of IVP Indonesia). We started with discussion about what does "Peace" means. The participation reflected their own theories and concepts on a piece of papers and make them together. At the first session ended up with open sharing about how volunteering could contributes peace to [...]

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Leadership Training 2019

Leadership Training 2019  "Build the characters of leader" This Year we need young leaders with a strong commitment to lead community farming in Semarang and to lead workcamps in this summer along with @ivpindonesia Bhumi Horta invites you to join our leadership training. This is your chance to grow with us and be a part of global green society. You will get: - Capacity Building - Softskill - Hard Skill - Networking - ETC When? 15 - 17 February 2018 8 am till Drop @kebunpojokspace (Next to SMA N 1 Semarang) How? Register your participation to Ifa: 085641066019 (WA Only) and e-mail your CV to Be part of us! &together we create peace through volunteering! #BhumiHortaFoundation #Leadership #Training #Volunteering #Workcamps#GlobalVillage #InternationalVoluntaryService#ServiceCivilInternational#YayasanKanalPerdamaian #IVPIndonesia

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