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Three Days Training for Future Farm Leaders

Our Participants during training session

Bhumi Horta Foundation organized 3 days training at Kebun Pojok Space Semarang. This training aimed to create young people who willing to be a farm leader in the near future along with food security office and farming office of Semarang City. There are 12 students from farming faculty of Wahid Hasyim University joined this 3 days session.

This training conducted by Master of trainer Yoyon who ever participated at Erasmus Program 2014 in Lithuania and Ifa our Finance Manager at Teman Berkebun (farming themed digital start up). Our co-trainers were Masdar (Youth Learning Center Program Co.) & Fijay (UFarm Learning Center Program Co.). They cooperated together to success this activity.

In the first day of the training, the participants were asked to share their motivation, expectation, fear, and contribution in facing this training. Afterward, they had a chance to visit three urban farms in Semarang: Kelompok Tani Kelina Pandean, Lamper Tengah, KWT Purwosari, & KWT Mekarsari. They obligated to create one day activity with locals in the next day. The participants got coaching from mentors or trainers to plan their activity based on existing problem that they found during survey.

The second was an action day. They conducted activities as they planned in the first day. After the activities done they enriched with team building session done with role play moderated by Yoyon. In the end of the day they experienced to get intercultural learning to make them ready to adjust with locals.

During the last day of our leadership training, the participants gained their capacity building and have an open space for sharing their idea and feedback about the training. The trainers’ members will find the top 5 trainees to be prioritized to be a farm leader that will be placed in several places in Semarang City.

Written by Sany Mardlotillah | Edited by: Bhumi Horta Team

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