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Create Peace Through Volunteering

Many people are still asking how volunteering contribute to society and even can create peace. In collaboration with IVP Indonesia (Indonesia Volunteer for Peace) on Friday, 18 January 2018 in Kebun Pojok Space we organized a focus group discussion about volunteering.

There are 25 participants joined the discussion. The discussion moderated by Wilbert Helsloot (coordinator of IVP Indonesia). We started with discussion about what does “Peace” means. The participation reflected their own theories and concepts on a piece of papers and make them together. At the first session ended up with open sharing about how volunteering could contributes peace to this world.

Game before session

The main idea of this program was to introduce the participants on how international voluntary service (IVS) works in the frame of SCI (Service Civil International). It implies in some volunteering exchange program. They able to join in Indonesia or even overseas. This can be an alternative method of Indonesian young people to explore new world.

Eco-Smart Xchange program was invented by Bhumi Horta Foundation in 2017. To strengthen this program in the following years we cooperate with IVP Indonesia in 2019. Together we hope able to spread IVS movement all over and exchange more Indonesian abroad to join our activities.

Find more than one work themes based on your interest

During SCI Malaysia Camp on February 2018

On February 2018 we sent a group university students for Universitas Wahid Hasyim, Semarang to Malaysia hosted by SCI Malaysia. They work in a farming project as they requested. Their preparation started since 2017, before finally they arrived in the project site in Malaysia.

The program continued in 2019. We are going to send 7 university stundets to Vietnam hosted by Step Forward Exchange Vietnam on the on February. They will work mainly on a farm with locals.

In the future Indonesian Volunteers able to join more than on themes. They could choose education, health, heritage, culture, constructions, and etc. Means Indonesian will have more chance to join this program and participating to create peace around the world.

Written by Sany Mardlotillah

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